The Importance of Responsive Web Design

The last few years have brought significant changes both to the internet, and how users experience it. Many of us want to access the internet on the go, either when we are travelling to and from work, or when we need something in particular.

An increasing number of mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones are enabling users to surf the web no matter where they are. Problems occur when websites do not show well on various mobile devices, which is not good news for you or your business.

Changes to the way in which we access the internet have meant that responsive web design has grown to be of increasing importance. Simply put, responsive web design refers to a website that has been coded to respond and fit on screens of varying size.

Responsive Web Design and Your Business

Business owners need to recognize that these changes have already occurred and the need to have their websites suitably coded is of increasing importance. Many potential customers may attempt to access your site from their mobile phone or tablet. If your site does not load properly, i.e., is not responsive to different screen sizes your potential customers may well take their business elsewhere.

Websites that are not responsive to the screen on which they are displayed, can make it very difficult for the user to access the information they might need. If a person has to keep scrolling across to view your website, they may well decide it is not worth the bother. Websites need to be responsive to touch rather than click screens and support different pixels and screen sizes, they also need to support software for flash technology.

If you want to grow your business, hang on to existing clients and grow your customer base then you needs to be more aware of the ways that people are using technology. Users want to be able to access information while they are on the move and away from their computer and they want to be able to find what they want as quickly as possible.

How Responsive Web Design Works

Responsive web design means that the designer has coded the site in a specific way. If you want a website to be responsive to different devices, then the coding has to allow for a variety of screen sizes etc – which means that everything connected with navigation, has to respond or adapt to different screen sizes. Head over to to see some of the best responsive themes for WordPress and Joomla.

Responsive web design is the way forward and businesses that fail to ensure their websites are responsive to different devices and the ways in which users increasingly choose to access the internet, will lose out to their competitors.

If your clients find that they can’t access your website in the way that is most convenient to them, they will take their custom elsewhere. Businesses need to keep pace with the changes in customer behavior, and one way of doing this is to have a responsive website.

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