Examining sales lead generation companies

Technology is making it easier for businesses to communicate with qualified prospects, or so it seems. The fact is that there are so many companies that are automating the process of generating inbound and outbound sales leads, that it can become difficult to know what to look for in sales lead generation companies that are best suited to meet specific businesses’ needs.


In today’s digital marketplace, a larger number of companies are relying on online lead generation to open the sales conversation. In fact, Econsultancy reports that 81% of the business leaders who responded to a survey it conducted “generate leads online and then convert them offline.” To counter this trend, 65% of the survey respondents said that they had beefed up their lead generation budgets.

Services to check out when researching sales lead generation companies include the types of social media software the companies offer, experience specialists at sales lead generation companies have with conducting outbound surveys and inbound customer service products and services the companies make available to their clients. It goes without saying that appointment setting, tradeshow enhancement services, cleaning existing databases that businesses have and use as well as the ability to outsource sales tools are support services quality sales lead generation companies provide.

Concerning social media services, sales lead generation companies should be able to automate the process of sending messages to prospects who use social media networks. To conduct outbound surveys, lead generation firms interview prospects, asking the right questions to generate usable and verifiable responses. Surveys should be available in a diverse range of forms, including email, telephone and while using web based or digital forms.

Results from outbound surveys and inbound customer service efforts can be used to develop benchmarking. It’s through benchmarking that companies can start to understand their customers and members of their extended target audience. However, as good as these services are, it’s important that businesses make a personal connection with potential clients. This initial connection is often made using appointment setting services.

With appointment setting services businesses can identify the filters of their ideal prospects. They can also use the services to export leads and review call logs. Because cold calling results don’t always match expectations, the ability to review call logs is a must for businesses that want to improve their sales results. Types of facts and trends business leaders can gather from call logs include the best times of the day to make outbound sales calls and the types of prospects who ask larger numbers of questions, desiring detailed answers quickly.

Rather than assuming that services offered through sales lead generation companies are indeed increasing sales, company sales teams should review campaign results. For example, Teleark provides campaign results that makes it easier for sales teams to measure how well outbound sales calls, surveys and follow-up calls and emails met defined goals and expectations. Staff at the lead generation firm also meet with clients to ensure that their marketing and sales objectives meet the clients’ needs.


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